Energy Mastery® Foundations Certification

Want to learn how to heal yourself and others?

Energy Mastery® Foundations teaches you to unlock your body’s potential to heal itself using energy.

You’ll learn how to heal your body and clean up the negative thought patterns (I’m not worthy, I’m not enough, I have to be perfect, I’m all alone, etc.) that hold you back from what you truly desire in life. By calming the negative thoughts swirling in your head, you’ll be able to focus on what you want and take clear action forward.

It’s perfect if you…

  • Have chronic pain, anxiety, or migraines

  • Are stuck in a rut

  • Have experienced any physical or emotional traumas

  • Want to maintain great health

  • Want to avoid genetic diseases

  • Are suffering from fears, phobias, and worries

  • Are struggling to manifest what you want

  • Feel lost and are searching for your purpose

  • Want to lose weight

  • Are tired of taking prescription medicines

  • Need a shift in perspective

  • Are ready for a clean slate

  • Want to manage your energy and show up brighter to serve more people

  • Are tired of being drained by the work you do or the people you interact with

  • Are ready to make a bigger impact in the world 

  • Want to get out of your own way

Day 1

We’ll focus on the physical body, how to sense energy and how to unlock your body’s power to heal itself. It’s an interactive class so you’ll have your energetic body cleansed of whatever is no longer serving you, and you’ll learn how to cleanse others’ energy.

Day 2

We’ll focus on your mindset to clear beliefs and thought patterns --many of which are subconsciously running in the background and sabotaging your success. You’ll learn simple techniques to release negative patterns holding you back, and a more advanced technique to dig up deep-rooted beliefs that are no longer serving you.

At the end of the two days you’ll…

  • feel amazing and your mind will be more quiet and clear

  • know how to clean up your energetic body

  • have advanced tools to clear up limiting beliefs

  • understand energy hygiene and why it’s so important to keep your own energy clean

  • be able to work on yourself, others in-person and remotely, and resolve beliefs that aren’t serving you

  • be more resilient and able to manage difficult situations using easy and effective tools

  • be a certified Energy Mastery™ Foundations practitioner for personal, private, or professional use with the ability to shift energy across the globe!

Whether you use the techniques on yourself and your own family, or go into practice helping others heal themselves, you’ll leave with a load off your shoulders and a blank slate of opportunity ahead of you.

What if you weren’t defined by the #1 issue holding you back?

Anxiety, fear, debt, lack, perfectionism, pain, worthiness, illness, not being enough, feeling alone, weight issues, dis-ease, fear of being seen, not being heard, etc.

What it it’s possible to achieve perfect health?

What if it’s time for a big shift in your life?


It’s two days that will completely change your life in the best way possible.

WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I looked at all the self-help stuff I’ve been surrounding myself with and it’s just so empowering to think ‘yeah, I don’t need that, I’ve got the real truth.’

— Nora McCarthy
My shoulder pain is gone. I was able to clear it up myself when we worked on ourselves. And I worked on my husband last night when he said he felt like he was coming down with something in his chest. Afterwards, he said, ‘I seem to feel a little better. That’s weird.’ I shrugged my shoulders! I am completely in awe.
— Dexter
January 2018 Energy Mastery Foundations Certification Class

January 2018 Energy Mastery Foundations Certification Class

I completed the Energy Mastery Foundations training in January with Sheevaun Moran & Amanda Young. Wow. I had never met either of them but knew I was aligned with the work so showed up full of faith and trust. I left with tools I’ve used every day on myself and feel lighter and more grounded. I have a big branding and marketing presentation next week and will clear my throat and solar plexus beforehand. I am grateful for the transformational tools and how they are taking my soul calling to a whole new level, and I am grateful to be among like-minded souls. I have much more to learn, of course. Here’s to the journey!
— Leslie Hamp
After the amazing weekend in Oak Park with Amanda Young, I have to say, I’ve been finding it extremely useful to use the grounding exercise we learned before teaching fitness classes. And when I flew for the first time after taking the class, I decided to do the grounding exercise and breathing exercise during an ‘adventurous’ landing. At even the slightest bounce, I used to be triggered into a severe anxiety attack. Not anymore. Holy crap did it work. Thank you!!!!!
— Sue Koch
Truth be told, I mostly went to support Amanda to become a trainer. I didn’t know much about Energy Mastery, wasn’t that attracted to it - mildly curious and open to learning new things, but that was the extent of my excitement. And then, I probably had the biggest experience of anyone in the class. It was the most intense for sure. I’ve been using it daily since I got home and I have to say, my energy and my back pain both feel better. I’ve been using it on clients already, and I’m looking forward to learning more!!
— Jen Blumenthal