What is Energy Work?

If I told you 100 years ago that invisible things called germs on your hands caused people to be sick, you likely wouldn’t have believed me.

If I told you even 50 years ago that we’d be communicating across the globe instantaneously over wi-fi, you’d think I’m full of baloney.

Yet today, when I say everything is energy and our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, people are starting to understand, believe, and trust in the knowledge and abilities that have been around for thousands of years and are being rediscovered for their incredible healing powers today.

Many of the ancient texts and religious teachings reference energy work on some level — karma, prayer, meditation, love, gratitude, miracles, and the list goes on.

While this isn’t “new”, (it’s actually ancient) the way it’s being taught and practiced is becoming more popular, and accepted, as energy healing continues to gather momentum, attention, and, most importantly, data to support the scientific results.

What is Energy Mastery(TM)?

Energy Mastery is a way to create miracles — that sounds like a big deal because it is — it’s been used to successfully defy logic and achieve miraculous results (everything from relieving migraines, insomnia, anxiety, allergies, and phobias, to removing people from organ donor waiting lists and keeping cancer at bay).

Unlike many modalities you may have heard of that move energy around (Reiki being the most popular modality), Energy Mastery is a complete solution that supports your energetic body and your mindset, while being safe and effective.

What that means is, if you have pain or discomfort in your physical body or emotional fears, worries, and anxieties in your mind that are holding you back, Energy Mastery is designed to resolve those areas of dis-ease and clear them out of your system.

If you imagine your kitchen after you’ve cooked fish, you know you have to remove the fish leftovers physically from your trash can, air out the space, and scrub down your countertops and dishes in order to completely eliminate the smell.
It’s the same concept with energy work.

You need to move the unwanted energy out of your physical body, clear out the emotional and mindset blocks, and maintain your energy hygiene so that the funk stays away and is resolved for good.

Many modalities offer ways to move the physical energy around, or clear out the mindset concerns, but they aren’t designed to work together to elegantly resolve the underlying issues.

And many practitioners haven’t been taught how to manage their own energy while maintaining a high-level of energetic hygiene so they burn out. (They aren’t taught the importance of scrubbing the kitchen counters clean before, during, and after each meal. You can imagine the resulting mess that’s made.)

How can I learn how to keep my energy clean?

That’s where the Energy Mastery Foundations 2 Day Training and Certification comes into play.

My coach and the Founder of Energy Mastery, Sheevaun Moran, is teaching a two day training January 27/28, where I’ll be assisting as the final step in my certification. She’s a former computer coder and scientist who has developed the Energy Mastery process after her own near death experience. She’s been practicing these techniques and technologies for the past 20 years helping thousands of clients to achieve miraculous results.

On Day one, you’ll learn how to clean up your energetic body and clear out pains you may be experiencing.
Day two, you’ll learn how to shift the mindset blocks that are holding you back and resolve them for good.
And as we go, you’ll learn tools to clean up and maintain your own energy hygiene regardless of whether you plan to practice these techniques on others, or use them for yourself.

At the end of the two-day training, you become certified in Energy Mastery Foundations and are able to use the techniques you’ve learned to clean up your own energy — be it on yourself (whenever you are sick or bothered by something you see), your family (whenever they aren’t feeling well or need help) and friends or clients if you so choose.

This will be an intimate group and we expect around 20 participants so you’ll have plenty of one-on-one support.

How does it work?

We’ll teach you how to wave your hands and say magical words that create miracles. Seriously. That’s how it works. You don’t ever have to touch the person you’re healing and can help someone on the other side of the globe.

What results can I expect?

Again, we’ll just say that Energy Mastery allows miracles to happen.

It’s amazing for relieving migraines, anxiety, insomnia, colds, concussions, cramps, and the list goes on…

I’ve personally recovered from food poisoning overnight and felt amazing the very next day, instead of being stuck in bed for two days missing my best friend’s baby shower.

I’ve stopped a migraine in Ireland via text message while sitting at my home in Chicago. Not only did we stop the migraine, but we also prevented the post-migraine hangover from showing up the next day.

I’ve calmed a woman from a panic attack on the side of the road from the comfort of my office while helping her get back on track and see the gift in her situation… and a new way forward.

I’ve prevented a costly hospital visit after a concussion sufferer showed signs of nausea, getting her to a place where she felt relief and was able to rest safely with ongoing monitoring.

I’ve helped a client who visited the hospital after suffering a concussion get her wits back about her the next day after feeling dazed and confused in spite of what modern medicine had to offer. Just 20 minutes of Energy Mastery had her focus back with clear speech and a renewed sense of hope that she was going to be okay.

After one session, a woman in the hospital with pneumonia miraculously was released two days early in time to celebrate a big family holiday gathering.

And a women who had given up hope for any relief of her 18-day migraine was shocked to be able to open her eyes, have relief from the pain, and enjoy herself at a party with friends.

My favorite part is that Energy Mastery is keeping me more healthy and able to avoid emotional drama by using the techniques I’ve learned to clean up my own energy, and beliefs that have been holding me back from my success.

Energy Mastery is helping me serve my coaching clients in a much more powerful way. And I’m supporting my children through their bumps and bruises, physically and emotionally, with confidence.

Anything else?

Please let me know if you have any additional questions I can answer.