What if breakups can be easy?


Have you ever broken up with someone?

A love interest, a friend, a coach, a boss or job, a group or a club?

On good terms, it can be awesome, scary, exciting, encouraging, amazing, freeing, overwhelming, and emotional.

On bad terms, it can be … awesome, scary, exciting, encouraging, amazing, freeing, overwhelming, and emotional.

We often roll into judgement, comparison, could haves, should haves, would haves, what ifs, and we can choose to let ourselves wallow in the disappointment of the breakup or give thanks for what was and move on to what’s next.

What if breakups can be easy?

Our expectations are what make things hard to do, create sticky situations, or leave us feeling unhappily attached.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with a lot of coaches for my business, mindset, course creation, writing, speaking, energy, sales, intuition, and so much more.

I’ve broken up with all of them at some point. Some breakups were tumultuous, while others were simply a drifting away from one another.

Each coach has come into my life as a teacher to help me move closer to my truth and into full alignment with who I am and what I’m here to do on this planet.

These teachers have challenged me to think differently, connect with my intuition, listen to my heart and my gut while setting aside logic, reason, and the perceived safety of the way things have always been done.

When we are challenged by our teachers, we step more fully into our truths.

Many times, we do so without realizing that as students, we are also teachers.

We are all teaching and learning from one another each and every moment on this planet.

My teachers will come and go and I am grateful to each of them for the role they’ve played in my life on this journey. I have so much love and gratitude for them, and a surprising amount of forgiveness — for them, and especially for myself.

That forgiveness part is the key to this whole breakup process.

We might not like an experience, but looking back, it’s the friction that starts the fire.

The fires in my life have created intense expansion as I’ve chosen what feels right to me and where I stand. It’s what lights me up and helps me shine more brightly for others to see.

My method of coaching is different than everyone else’s because it’s formed by the teachers I’ve encountered along the way, the friction I’ve experienced, my own personal growth and expansion, how I want to be treated and treat others, and that’s how it’s meant to be.

Teachers flow in and out of our lives for as long as we need them. Let them. Welcome the new ones in while wishing the previous ones on their way.

Let the energy flow.

Learn. Live. Expand.

Where do you need more, or less, friction in your life?

If you want help processing and moving through any of your breakups or challenging moments with life’s incredible teachers, schedule a free call with me and let’s create a plan to move forward.

What if life is supposed to be messy?

Ponder that for a second.

If our lives are a bit messy at times, we are expanding, growing, shedding old patterns, learning, and becoming our best selves.

We all experience traumas of some sort...

- physical ailments, accidents, or abuse

- mental beliefs that we aren't good enough or aren't worthy

- emotional worries, fears, sadness, and grief

- spiritual questioning of our existence

- financial stresses, struggles, lack, or loss

- relational challenges with loved ones, co-workers, family & friends

We all have the choice to deal with our traumas, move through them with grace and ease, or ignore them.

I've spent a lot of time fighting against my traumas and stories and life experiences, rejecting them, throwing tantrums, crying, and resisting them completely. Whenever I resisted, they persisted, and life got harder.

I've noticed that ignoring messes feeds them. It creates dis-ease, accidents, illness, and even more struggle.

Messes are here to show up where we can grow. Our tendency is to push them away, hide them, force them to cooperate. That only makes them worse!

What if we chose to embrace the messes in our lives?

See them as the teachers that they are.

Messes shine light on our darkness. In the light, we can face our traumas and grow.

What's your most pressing mess?

What trauma do you want to move into the light?

Where are you being asked to heal?

I invite you to release your resistance to whatever struggle you're experiencing and bring your glorious mess into the light.

Schedule a free call with me and let's find a way to clean up your mess and release it.

May freedom truly ring within you. Happy 4th of July!



Do you ever feel unmoored?

Imagine yourself on a ship in the middle of a vast ocean.

You don’t know where you’re going or where you are.

Are you alarmed, concerned, and fearful of being unmoored?

Or are you accepting of what is, open to the experience, with faith that what will be will be?

We’re taught to go through life with goals and a clear destination. What do you want to be when you grow up? Follow the trail blazed by those before you.

But what about the innovators, visionaries, explorers, disruptors, and the people who are blazing the trails in uncharted territories? What if their goal is more vague and general? Does that make their goal any more right or wrong?

Why are we using judgments to make things right or wrong anyways? What good does that really do? Discernment can be informational when used in a neutral way, yet judgement becomes detrimental when charged with negativity.

What if something just is?

We tend to see poop as waste, disgusting, and something we definitely don’t want to step in or smell. We might find ourselves judging poop as wrong, disgusting, or bad.

To a dung beetle, or a fertilization company, a pile of poop is a valuable treasure. It really is all a matter of perspective.

With discernment, we see poop from very different perspectives without the need for judgement.

With discernment, we can also see that an unmoored ship could be many things without the need to judge it.

For trailblazers, what if being unmoored is part of the process? It might not feel comfortable, and we can discern it as being less desirable, but entire continents have been discovered by unmoored ships.

Magic can happen when we go with the flow and allow the current to take us where it will.

What if there is no right or wrong answer, there are just answers?

What if we’re exactly where we need to be at this moment in time?

What if it’s okay that we aren’t super clear on what we want because we aren’t sure what’s possible?

Instead of clearly stating you want to win a gold metal in curling, you could say your goal is to explore ways to bring people closer together to make the world a better place. It’s a very unmoored goal, and perfect for trailblazers who can’t see what lies ahead on their journey because they haven’t uncovered it yet.

What if we don’t really need all of our goals to be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely?

What if our goals can be GRAND - Ginormous, Ridiculous, Ambiguous, Naive, and Different?

What if being unmoored shows us that we can have faith, go with the flow, accept what is, release our judgments, and just be?

If that’s the lesson in it, I’m happy to be unmoored.

Turning 40!


I am... turning 40 in 19 days.

It's bringing up a lot of stuff for me as I have high expectations for myself and what I want in life. I've been programmed by society to measure myself on my financial wealth and career success. But there are many other ways to measure our lives, our value, our contribution, and our selves. And what if we need not measure at all?

Comparison gives our power away.

Age is a unit of measure, complete with judgement.

My internal compass has been rocked by that approaching number.... four zero.

It's all a matter of perspective. Some would say 40 is old, others say it's young. It just is. To give it more meaning and power than its being a number is a disservice to me. We can measure ourselves by our age, number of friends, times we've been to the movies, size of our waist, test scores, bank balances, credit scores, zip codes, and shoe sizes, but for what purpose?

To form judgments.

What if we don't need judgments at all?

What if everything just is, and I am?

I am successful. 
I am whole. 
I am bright and shiny.
I am intelligent. 
I am helpful. 
I am unique. 
I am amazing. 
I am wanted. 
I am worthy. 
I am loved. 
I am gifted. 
I am creative. 
I am talented. 
I am intuitive. 
I am supported. 
I am wealthy. 
I am abundant. 
I am grateful. 
I am forgiven. 
I am love.
I am kind. 
I am blessed. 
I am clear. 
I am ready.

What are you?

Next Podcast Episode???

All great things must come to an end…

Thanks for listening to the Finding Clarity Podcast. I had a great time recording it.

As I went to record the next episode, none of my computers or cameras were willing or able to create the recording.

Hmmm…. that’s interesting.

And the message therein was…

It’s time to move on.


I’ll be writing more with the occasional live video online.

Watch for blog posts, social media comments, and more to come in different formats.

The podcast episodes will stay up and be available for your listening pleasure.

Go forth, and be awesome!



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