Guilty Pleasure


My family went to Paris for spring break at it triggered an epic healing on my part. The discovery of my beliefs around guilty pleasures. What are they, why do we have them, and what do to around the beliefs that feed them? It's time to ditch the guilt and amp up the pleasure.  

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Careful What You Energetically Consume



In the very first episode of this podcast, Our Words Matter & Why I Stopped Swearing, we took a look at language. Now we’re going a step further to look into not only the words we say, but the thoughts we think, the actions we take, the media we consume, the books we read, the music we listen to. We consume energy on a daily basis. Are you consuming the right stuff?


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Does Stress Lead to Success?



Growing up, we're often taught that being successful is stressful. Does that have to be the case? Are there role models out there that break this rule? Can we have moments of stress but lead otherwise enjoyable lives? Can we break this connection and find new routes to success?


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What Are You Resisting?



Where is there friction in your life? Do you feel like you're digging in your heels, showing your stubbornness and refusing to waiver? We'll talk about ways you can shift your mindset to start allowing your path to unfold with more grace and ease and less resistance.


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The Student Becomes the Teacher



When you really ponder the idea of a teacher, everyone and everything qualifies. Today we're expanding the definition of "teacher" to include everyone and everything that you learn from. What lessons do you need to absorb and which ones can you filter out that aren't serving you? Listen in to learn more...


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In Times of Crisis, Tithe



Many people think of tithing as something you do to support the church, but it's actually something you do to support your energy and your karma. It's also great to give in a time of crisis to sort out the energetics of the situation. Learn more about tithing and how you can create your own plan for good karma.


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Guide Star

Charity Navigator

Charity Water

Rotary International

Habitat for Humanity

The True Power of Love



Need to raise your vibration? Love is a great way to do it. It's free, unlimited, and incredibly powerful so why not try sending more love to those around you? We'll explore easy ways for you to share more love with the world.


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How to Manage Your Anger

28 How to Manage Your Anger.png


What makes you angry? What do you do to calm down, process, and release your anger? Once you can identify why you're angry, you can start to break down your anger and release it. Listen on for ways to start managing your anger in a more healthy way.


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Dethroning Your Inner Shadow and Becoming the Queen



Want to be the queen of your thoughts? Tired of having an inner darkness rule your mind? I interview the magical Liz Zamorski to find out what shifted for her to overthrow her inner shadow and regain control of her life. She's an international woman of mystery, wife, mother, psychic, writer, lawyer, and the queen of her domain. Listen on to learn how you can dethrone your inner shadow.



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