Ready to clean up your energy?

Here are 5 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, and deceivingly SIMPLE techniques that, when used CONSISTENTLY, will dramatically shift your energy.

Use them on a daily basis, add them to your routine, and you’ll be glad you did.

100 years ago, we didn’t know about germs and the importance of washing our hands.

Now, it’s time we learn basic energy hygiene techniques to keep our energy clean and disconnect from the negative energy in our daily lives.

These are just a handful of the techniques taught in the two-day Energy Mastery® Foundations Certification Training.

Let me know how they change your life… email me questions, comments, and ah-has!

Technique #1 - Cord Cutting

Easily disconnect from negative energy in your life… (teach THIS to your kids!!!!)

“I’ve been cord cutting all day long for weeks now and just by adding that simple technique to my daily routine, my stress at work is manageable. Thank you!”

Technique #2 - 6-3-6-3 Breathing

Slow your breathing down for clarity, calm, and less stress.


Technique #3 - Grounding into Your Body

When you feel like your brain is racing, you have too much going on, and you need to settle back into your body, get grounded. Watch the 6-3-6-3 video first because you’ll use that technique as part of getting grounded.


Technique #4 - Cleansing Salt Bath

Raise your vibration, release energetic toxins, and reset your energy after exposure to difficult situations and people. (4 Cups of table salt, 15 minute maximum if the water isn’t being circulated.)


Technique #5 - Salt Water Bowls as Energetic Waste Disposals

Place salt water bowls around your house, in your office, next to your bed, and anywhere you sense negative energy. Do not reuse the bowls for anything else. Treat them as if they are trash cans. Empty daily by flushing their contents.


What’s The Magic Box?

Schedule a coaching call with me to learn the magic box technique. This is what it looks like. Note that your feet are flat on the floor. Your “box” is held in front of your lower rib cage.

The pose for the Magic Box Technique.

The pose for the Magic Box Technique.