Upgrade Your Energetic Capacity and Build Resilience

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As a full-time energy healer, I work on managing my own energy more than anything else. I do that by cleaning out the energetic crap so that I have a bigger, stronger, more resilient container to hold the energy I need for each day. Instead of having a tiny battery and refilling it constantly (hello annoying cell phone batteries), I have a MEGA battery that I constantly have charging. I do my work, help others, recharge, help others, recharge, help others, recharge, repeat. On my website, I have The Beginner's Guide to Energy Cleansing so that you can upgrade to a bigger energetic battery. And we can chat more on a free call if you want. It's all here and I'm happy to help.



Energy Mastery™ - I am a certified Energy Mastery™ Foundations instructor and use the principals of Energy Mastery™ in my energy healing practice. Contact me for more information. amanda@amandahyoung.com

The Pomodoro Technique