Batman Symbols As A Sign From Beyond


Episode 02:

Have you ever wondered if passed loved ones are sending us messages?

This episode might just make a believer out of you... 

It's about my experience losing a loved one in a national tragedy, how I've learned to cope with that loss and turn it into something beautiful, and the messages I've received from beyond.

May it bring you as much comfort as I've received... and continue to receive every time I see a Batman symbol.


Referenced in this Episode...

The Batman logo, for me, is a sign from my friend John T Larimer who was killed in the Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting.

The Dark Knight Rises

Boy Scouts of America

Groover Seminars - Authentic Speaker Academy

Trish Walker - Medium, Psychic, Energy Healer, Coach

George Clooney - A famous actor who played Bruce Wayne, Batman

Akashic Records - the book of life, a record of every lifetime, a library of your life

Lisa Barnett - Author of From Questioning to Knowing - 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life

Spirit Animal Meanings


Correction: The mason jar was actual a glass pitcher with a crab on it.