What if life is supposed to be messy?

Ponder that for a second.

If our lives are a bit messy at times, we are expanding, growing, shedding old patterns, learning, and becoming our best selves.

We all experience traumas of some sort...

- physical ailments, accidents, or abuse

- mental beliefs that we aren't good enough or aren't worthy

- emotional worries, fears, sadness, and grief

- spiritual questioning of our existence

- financial stresses, struggles, lack, or loss

- relational challenges with loved ones, co-workers, family & friends

We all have the choice to deal with our traumas, move through them with grace and ease, or ignore them.

I've spent a lot of time fighting against my traumas and stories and life experiences, rejecting them, throwing tantrums, crying, and resisting them completely. Whenever I resisted, they persisted, and life got harder.

I've noticed that ignoring messes feeds them. It creates dis-ease, accidents, illness, and even more struggle.

Messes are here to show up where we can grow. Our tendency is to push them away, hide them, force them to cooperate. That only makes them worse!

What if we chose to embrace the messes in our lives?

See them as the teachers that they are.

Messes shine light on our darkness. In the light, we can face our traumas and grow.

What's your most pressing mess?

What trauma do you want to move into the light?

Where are you being asked to heal?

I invite you to release your resistance to whatever struggle you're experiencing and bring your glorious mess into the light.

Schedule a free call with me and let's find a way to clean up your mess and release it.

May freedom truly ring within you. Happy 4th of July!