Turning 40!


I am... turning 40 in 19 days.

It's bringing up a lot of stuff for me as I have high expectations for myself and what I want in life. I've been programmed by society to measure myself on my financial wealth and career success. But there are many other ways to measure our lives, our value, our contribution, and our selves. And what if we need not measure at all?

Comparison gives our power away.

Age is a unit of measure, complete with judgement.

My internal compass has been rocked by that approaching number.... four zero.

It's all a matter of perspective. Some would say 40 is old, others say it's young. It just is. To give it more meaning and power than its being a number is a disservice to me. We can measure ourselves by our age, number of friends, times we've been to the movies, size of our waist, test scores, bank balances, credit scores, zip codes, and shoe sizes, but for what purpose?

To form judgments.

What if we don't need judgments at all?

What if everything just is, and I am?

I am successful. 
I am whole. 
I am bright and shiny.
I am intelligent. 
I am helpful. 
I am unique. 
I am amazing. 
I am wanted. 
I am worthy. 
I am loved. 
I am gifted. 
I am creative. 
I am talented. 
I am intuitive. 
I am supported. 
I am wealthy. 
I am abundant. 
I am grateful. 
I am forgiven. 
I am love.
I am kind. 
I am blessed. 
I am clear. 
I am ready.

What are you?