I Used to be a Muggle


Before I learned energy healing I too was a muggle. The term muggle became famous in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling and is now synonymous with non magic users. These days I consider myself to be more of a magic user as I witnessed miracles in my life and that of others. If you're tired of being a muggle, listen up.  


Harry Potter book series by JK Rowling

What if EVERYTHING is a gift?



Most of us go through life seeing everything as a struggle, a challenge, or something hard to test our resolve as humans. In today's episode, we flip that around and ask "What if everything in our lives is really a gift?" Job loss, relationships breaking up, financial woes, medical issues and traumas all bear gifts. Are you opening yours and receiving their true meanings?



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The book by Louise L Hay with a list of symptoms is called You Can Heal Your Life.

Prevent Burnout and Recover Rapidly

Slow Down for the Curves.jpg


With the holiday season upon us, parties galore, and a never ending to-do list, burnout is common. We'll talk about how to prevent burnout, ways to know when you're in need of some extra self care, knowing your limits, and tips for recovering so that you can make the most out of this holiday season... and many more to come.



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What is Energy Healing?


What do you want to know about energy healing? What is it? How does it work? Where does it come from? What's a typical session like? What can you expect? Does it involve physical touch? Why try it?
These questions and many more are answered in this week's episode of The Finding Clarity Podcast.



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Surviving the Holidays... and Thriving

Surviving Holidays.jpg


'Tis the season to be jolly... and cranky, overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious, depressed, and lonely, among many other feelings. How do we manage to survive when we're put in difficult situations, triggered by worries, fears, and beliefs? We must learn to make self care our top priority, manage our energy, and release what's no longer serving us. It's a tall order. Make this the holiday where you go beyond mere survival and learn to thrive.



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Happy Holidays!

Why is this taking so long?

Why is this taking so long?

What is it that is taking too long in your life?
Your healing? Your career? Your enlightenment? Your trip to the grocery store?
We'll talk about impatience. Getting where you want to go. And Divine Timing.

It's taken me 17 episodes using the same microphone to really realize I'm using it backwards.

It's taken me 39 years on this earth to find my passion
It's taken me over 15 years to figure out why my human is experiencing shoulder pain.
Learning life lessons takes time.

Being human takes time.

The Other Side…

The Other Side…

Throughout our daily lives we're receiving signs and signals from our spirit guides, angels, helpers, and loved ones. Are you seeing them? I have learned to decode the messages from spirit over the past few years and am learning new symbols as my spiritual vocabulary expands. What signs are you seeing or ignoring? In this episode, we cover symbols I see regularly, repeating numbers, song lyrics, the goosebumps on our bodies, and how to be even more open to the messages being sent your way.

Using Oracle Cards to Get Through Difficult Situations

Using Oracle Cards to Get Through Difficult Situations

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult family situation and you weren’t sure where to look for clear guidance? Jen Blumenthal, is the Human Spirit Guide who created SeductionOfSoul.com. We met at a coaching retreat a handful of years ago and have been Soul Sisters ever since. She’s a magical being full of spiritual insights and after having both experienced a bit of family drama in recent weeks, we recorded this episode for you. You’ll learn more about oracle cards and how to use them to help you through difficult times.

Applying Your Love Languages



Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book about them and knowing yours can be life changing. I explain each one in this episode, and give you my take on what to do with your awareness, ways to communicate your language of love, and use it to replenish your energy.



The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman


Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service
Receiving Gifts
Quality Time
Physical Touch

Upgrade Your Energetic Capacity and Build Resilience

Upgrade Your Energetic Capacity and Build Resilience

As a full-time energy healer, I work on managing my own energy more than anything else. I do that by cleaning out the energetic crap so that I have a bigger, stronger, more resilient container to hold the energy I need for each day. Instead of having a tiny battery and refilling it constantly (hello annoying cell phone batteries), I have a MEGA battery that I constantly have charging. I do my work, help others, recharge, help others, recharge, help others, recharge, repeat. On my website, I have The Beginner's Guide to Energy Cleansing so that you can upgrade to a bigger energetic battery. And we can chat more on a free call if you want. It's all here and I'm happy to help.